Hauptfeuerwache und städtisches Verwaltungsgebäude, Breslau

Auch als „Technisches Stadthaus“ bekannt. Wettbewerbsentwurf unter dem Motto „V.P.“ (Verkehrsproblem).

Bauplatz Lessingplatz

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  1. Leonidas Ikonomis 03.04.2022 12:55

    Dear Sir/Madame,
    I am an architecture student and I desperately need your help about this project [Wettbewerbsentwurf unter dem Motto „V.P.“] and three more.
    Great job with this site!

    Yours sincerely,
    Lenoidas Ikonomis,
    National Technical University of Athens (Greece)

  2. admin 03.04.2022 15:25

    Dear Mr Iconomis,

    could you please be more specific?

  3. Leonidas Ikonomis 03.04.2022 15:44

    As I have already written you I am an architecture student and my lecture, which is an obligatory course in my university, is focused in the period 1926 – 1935 of Hans Scharoun.

    I am analyzing four of his houses, four of his apartment buildings and four of his competition entries trying to describe, explain and bring to light his works of excellence and masterpieces.

    It has been more than a year that I have been collecting and examine books about Scharoun and searching the archive of the Akademie der Kunste but most of the documents – drawings are locked and I desperately need access at least for some of them. Those I absolutely need are the drawings of the four competition entries that I mentioned before and they are titled:

    • Breslau, Lessingplatz, Hauptfeuerwache und Verwaltungsge baude, Wettbewerbsentwurf “V.P.” – 1927. There are ten locked files in the archive.
    • Berlin – Mitte, Erweiterung des Reichstagsgebaudes, Wettbewerb – 1927. There are fifty-six (56!) locked files in the archive.
    • Bremen, Stadthalle und Ausstellungshallen, Wettbewerb – 1928. There are sixty-five (65!) locked files in the archive.
    • Rostock, St. Georgs-Platz, Stadthalle Rostock, Wettbewerb – 1934. There are six locked files in the archive.

    On Wednesday, March 30th, I have accidentally found your website and a profile with a lot of info and documents but almost nothing about these four.

    Of course I can go even further talking about my research…

    Waiting for your answer.

    Leonidas Ikonomis,
    National Technical University of Athens

  4. admin 04.04.2022 05:42

    Dear Mr Ikonomis,

    with these pre-war designs, the Academy archives are indeed the only source.

    For the Wroclaw fire brigades´ depot we could provide you with competitors´ drawings. The V.P. motto of Scharoun carries a deeper meaning, for he seems to have been the only one not to block the exit of the then Breite Straße to the bridge. Thus, solving a traffic problem indeed. All the others filled the former gas works site completely, Alexander Miller, Paul Voges and Hugo Althoff extended the street yet created a T-crossing, while Wilhelm Deffke twisted the street in a generous bow.

    For the Rostock assembly hall, consider Syring for floor plans, and a section.

    We are surely interested to learn more about the aims and the methods of your research.

  5. Leonidas Ikonomis 04.04.2022 23:49

    Dear Mr. Suchin,

    firstly I d like to thank you for these precious answers of yours and the help you willing to provide me via the competitors’ drawings you have mentioned and of course I would be very grateful if you send them to me as I of course want to consult them and understand more about the competitions themselves. Every file concerning these four projects is crucial for me and I really hunt them down.

    Also, I would like you to tell me more about you and Scharoun Society, I am a Scharoun enthusiast for more than three years and I know how hard is to find and understand anything about him especially if you don’t speak german, like me. Your work in Scharoun Society about Master Hannes (as referred in the Crystal Correspondence) is mind-blowing considering you provide to every researcher the exact positions of his projects and a lot of info about them as I gladly found out in the Schminke Villa.

    Concerning the projects:

    • I´d like every piece of information you can provide me and of course the previously referred competitors’ drawings. For the V.P. project I have only three (3 !) drawings the ones that the Akademie der Kunst provides us.
    • For the Rostock Project, which is really crucial as from 1933 the nazi restrictions became reality, I have only two (2!) drawings, again Adk. If you have more and can share please do so.


    My research has started from the watercolors of Hans Scharoun, the Cycle of Resistance 1939-1945, and this is the reason I have started reading and studying about him. His work is endless and absolutely stunning, especially the period 1927–1935. From my research I have also found the book of G.K. Koenig and F. Borsi “Architettura dell’ espressionismo”, extremely rare and very crucial. I am finding myself exploring a great story, the essence of architecture.

    Thank you once more.

    Looking forward for your answer.

    Leonidas Ikonomis
    National Technical University of Athens

  6. admin 05.04.2022 10:38

    Dear Mr. Ikonomis,

    please find below the competitors´ drawings for Wroclaw fire brigades building. They are from the „Ostdeutsche Bauzeitung“ magazine. As the 1929 competition beared no fruit, there was a subsequent smaller competition in 1934. Smaller, as both the land lot and the programme were reduced: this was a pure fire brigades´ accomodation. Here, as if by miracle, the site has changed a bit – they´ve extended the Breite Str. just the way Scharoun proposed it. Obviously, without naming him at all.

    W.Krüger, J.Krüger, 1929
    Max Säume, Günther Hafemann, 1929
    Waldemar Leers, 1929
    Hennich Rump, 1934
    Otto Keidel, 1934
    Thomas Grau, 1934

    The 1967 catalogue is a slim brochure. Don´t expect much from it. The „Ogange book“ is much better. You might also consider the recent Carsten Krohn monography „Hans Scharoun Buildings and Projects“. Unfortunatly, it only covers executed works. Too sad Blundell Jones didn´t finish his third re-edition, we had a co-operation agreement on it.

    It would be quite interesting to know what brought you to Scharoun. Just books? Have you been to any of the houses? Is there any literature on him in Greek?

    If the „Cycle of Resistance 1939 -1945“ is a book title, I have to admit not having read it. Neither “Architettura dell’ espressionismo”. My Italian is very limited. However, I would stongly advise not to over-estimate Scharoun´s resistance. This was mostly a post-war mockery. Up until the civilian construction came to a complete hold by 1943, Scharoun experienced a very productive decade, with a never ending chain of commissions. Many private houses, but also whole developments, and a few research tasks – again, for state or semi-state institutions.

    Organically yours, Dmitry Sukhin (Suchin)
    2nd chair, Scharoun Society


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